Thursday, 6 August 2015

Current favourite Pinterest boards

Hello everyone!

Apologies for the lack of post, unfortunately some unexpected events happened leaving little time to takes photos and blog. So for this week only Wednesday's blog post is going up on a Thursday woooop!

And for today's post I will be showing you 3 boards I've been loving on Pinterest:

Autumn themed boards
Pinner: Jillbeans1963

Okay, so yes it maybe just a tad early to be thinking about Autumn, but I'm afraid I just can't help myself. Autumn is quite literally my favourite season EVER. And on a better note Autumn officially arrives in the UK September 23rd 2015 which is in only 47 days away!! So just about a month and 2 weeks away like WOOOOW! So feeling the Autumn spirit I've been pinning like mad, no joke I have about 3-4 Autumn themed boards which you can see for your self here. (Shameless self advertising) But anyway, this board contains stunning Autumn images that will make you forget that its even Summer, unless you live in a really hot country then maybe not haha! However this board is a definite one to go peep at if you're wishing to add to any fall or Autumn themed boards!

Inspiring words boards
Board: Words
Pinner: Bethanytrue93

Since around January this year I've really loved pinning inspiring word pictures, particularly those that are also beautifully illustrated. When in need of such I find my self on this board looking for any I wish to add to my own inspirational words board, and with this board constantly being updated I've literally loved coming back to this board time and time again to see what's been added. A definite recommend if you're in need of some inspiring quotes.

Baking boards
Pinner: TheRebeccaCoco

I've actually been a long time reader of Rebecca Coco's blog and even her YouTube channel so of course I followed her on Pinterest, which I have done for some time now. And with it being the Great British Bake Off season I've literally been so obsessed with expanding my own baking board and finding inspiration to bake my own goodies! It just so happens that Rebecca has a HUGE wonderful baking board with over 1k pins with all the inspiration one could need! So if you're ever looking to bake something completely new I would once again definitely recommend this board.

So there are 3 boards I have recently been loving!
Be sure to let me know if you liked this kind of post and maybe it can a kind of monthly thing where I show you really wonderful Pinterest boards. 
Also if you yourself have Pinterest be sure to link it down below so I can totally follow you and check out your board ehe!

Thank you so much for reading and there *should* be a brand spanking new post up for you TOMORROW!<3